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& Virtual Assistants

Heart & Hands

We are here to make your life easier. Our team can support your business and its processes, allowing you to concentrate on what matters. 

Our Services

Our Services

We take the stress out of running your own business.

Book Keeping and Payroll. 

Need a hand keeping on top of your company's book keeping or payroll? Tap learn more to find out how we can help.

Diary and Email Management. 

Are you spending too much time organising your day, your team or checking emails? Our team can manage this for you.

Travel Management. 

Take the hassle out of travel arrangements by using our team to organise your itinerary.

CRM and Customer Service Management.

We can streamline your customer records so that you never lose track of the people you depend on.

Social Media Management. 

Let us take this task off your hands. We can post at anytime and use insight data to identify which posts will best reach your target audience.

Process Design and Implementation.

Our team are experts in internal business processes and can help you to optimise yours.


Small Business Start Up.

Don't get overwhelmed when setting up your own business. We can help to get you up and running.


Are you having to check and chase invoices? Let us take care of everything invoice related. 

Back Office Support.

Do you need a letter written? Or an office organising? We can be on hand 24/7.


“I'm extremely happy with Alice, I know our systems and business is aligned and know the business will prosper.”


Managing Director

Ready to find out how we can help you?

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